What We Do

Learn and grow. Yes, as violinists, but mostly as people.  Dr. Suzuki’s primary intent was to provide an optimal environment for developing “good citizens…with noble hearts and minds”.  Families at Bmore Twinklers believe music lessons are life lessons.  The learning and performing environments are collaborative.  Through classes, play-ins, and events within the studio and Suzuki community, students are given opportunities to practice sharing, supportiveness, and encouragement with each other.  They happen to practice their violins at the same time.

The Bmore Twinklers program is built around weekly lessons, which are either private or with a small group.  There are approximately 10 ensemble classes per academic year.  In addition to formal recitals, Twinklers have the chance to play at less formal events and venues.

For more information on the Suzuki approach, visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas online(click here).

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