Kudos to Campbell, Joseph, and Joshua for completing +100 charts in record time!


Kudos Korner news January 5, 2020:

Kudos to Julia, a 1st place winner in the Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestras’ concerto competition!  Julia will be performing the “Presto” movement of Antonio Vivaldi’s violin concerto in A minor with the String Orchestra on Sunday, March 1.  BSYO concerts are family-friendly events.  Seeing older studio members perform in settings like this can be a great motivator – it was for Julia!  For more information and to purchase tickets visit https://www.bsomusic.org/education-community/young-musicians/bsyo/#tab-3767  Read on for more Kudos Korner news and Practice Picks!

Kudos Korner:  Looking Back

Season 1 got off to a great start in September with a picnic and play-in at Lake Roland Park!  It was fun to play together and play for neighborhood families who stopped to listen.  After a yummy pot luck and some time on the playground, huge cookie “medals” were awarded to winners of the Summer Practice Olympics.  Kudos to:

  • Inez, who made it all the way to a platinum medal (and a gorgeous cookie)!
  • Joseph, who earned the gold.
  • Campbell, Avery, and Kiran, our silver medalists.
  • Grace, Harufumi, and Yukifumi, who each earned bronze.

Consistent practicing paid off in more than one way, with solid performances at November’s “Super Soli” recital.  Keep up your Olympic style, because I’d love a chance to celebrate you here at Kudos Korner in 2020!

Practice Picks:  Looking Ahead

January is the time to start +100 charts.  For tips on keeping your chart, refer to the “Studio Forum” page here at the blog site.  As long as you’re playing +100, why not add a layer and keep track of how many days in a row you practice?  If you start now, you’ll make 100 days before our spring concert!

There are many resources online for practice motivation.  To start with, leave the +100 chart making to The Practice Shoppe

If it’s hard to keep the Twinkles fresh these days, try changing things up a bit with a selection from the Twinkle Factory  Smart, fun accompaniments in a variety of contemporary music genres will have you and your child looking forward to Twinkles review!

The Suzuki Association has great offerings for parents, such as Parents as Partners Online and their podcast “Building Noble Hearts”.  Visit their website here

We have a couple of offline options at the studio.  Our Suzuki Play Date sign-up is available now.  Plus, who’s up for a field trip this coming semester?

Do you have a favorite “go to” for practice?  It can be anything from an online resource to a game to just a part of your daily routine.  Let me know and I’d be happy to post it here on Practice Picks!





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