Meet The Teacher

Name:  Marion Goodrich

Training:  Preucil School of Music; Cleveland Institute of Music; continuing education course work through the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Experience:  20+ years teaching Suzuki violin in private and preparatory studios.

Marion grew up as a Suzuki student in one of the most established programs in the country, studying with Doris Preucil.  Marion received long term graduate level training in Suzuki pedagogy at the Cleveland Institute of Music.  A believer in lifelong learning, she has participated in numerous courses led by the SAA’s teacher trainers.

Teaching venues have included large community programs, conservatory preparatory programs, and the independent studio.  Students have received top scores in award programs, principal and concertmaster seats for Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestras, and thunderous applause for performing a Pre-Twinkle song in a studio recital.  Graduates have gone on to achieve the ultimate goal:  Being good citizens with noble hearts and minds, serving their communities in careers such as school music director and EMT.


As a Suzuki teacher:

The students

  • Their growth as people
  • The accomplishments, musical and otherwise, accompanying their growth

The parents

  • Their willingness to participate
  • Their encouragement of all students

Other Suzuki teachers

  • Generosity with their time and talents
  • Their good humor – lots of smiles and laughter


2 thoughts on “Meet The Teacher

  1. I am wondering if my 9 month old grandson could visit your class with his parents later this month. We are in New Mexico but they will be moving to Baltimore in November, and house hunting this month. I am wanting to give them music classes.

    • Hello Carol, thank you for your message. We currently don’t have fall semester dates for the Suzuki Early Childhood Education class. If your grandson’s parents are interested, it may work out best to have them contact me after they’ve moved to Baltimore.

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